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China Ц mixers supply leader on the Russian market

   Faucets and mixers from a series of countries are imported to Russia. Among such countries are China, Germany, Bulgaria, Italy, Hungary, Spain, Finland, France, Sweden, Turkey and others. On a picture it is shown that China is mixers supply leader on the territory of the Russian Federation; in 2007 its share was almost 55% from the total import volume. Next countries are Germany (12%) and Bulgaria (12%).  

Picture 1. The main mixers suppliers to Russia in 2008. Source: Federal Customs Service of the Russian Federation.   
Dominance of China on Russian market is graphically depicted on the picture. They won the leadership in 2002, when Chinese manufacturers are pushed into second place Italy, and they are keeping the leading position until today. A traditional leader (Italy) since that year reduced the supply to Russia, but Germany is gradually increasing their supply of mixers. Except that, European manufactures can hardly catch up China.

Picture 2. Amount of mixers delivery on the Russian market from three leading countries, 2002-2008, kg
Source:  Federal Customs Service of the Russian Federation.   

Products price development of three leading countries on the Russian market is depicted on the picture: Italy, Germany and China. German mixers are the most expensive, Chinese mixers are cheaper despite the fact of appreciation. In 2000-2001 import price for products of all three countries was equal.  
Picture 3. Import price relation of the main suppliers in the Russian market in 2002-2008, kg
Source:  Federal Customs Service of the Russian Federation.   
In summary, despite of the demand growth for mixers, for Russian mass consumption of products, low price level is typical and dominant share of consumption hold Chinese mixers. Also, there is an increase in demand for mixers of average price segment, it can be explained by the growth of the welfare of Russian consumers and increase their consumer demands for convenience and design.
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