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Happy Chinese New Year!

After Christmas and New Year people often fall in the depression because it is going to be such a long time till the next holiday. But you shouldn’t get sad and melancholic – Chinese New Year is about to come!

The Year of the Horse starts at the night from January 30th to January 31st. It is very important to be prepared to let the Wooden Horse in your house. First of all, your house should be cleaned. It is believed in China, that with every bit of rubbish left in the house old troubles and worries of the old year come to the new one. Traditionally the interior is decorated with red ribbons and lanterns and the festive table should be full of mandarins. This fruit symbolizes wealth and prosperity.

Even more attention should be paid to the plumbing fixtures. Leaking pipes let money and health stream out of the house with water. The Blue Horse can get offended and bring troubles to the household. So it is better to please the Horse and repair all the pipes and plumbing fixtures in time!

We wish you success and profitable sales in the New Year of the Horse!

28.01.2014 12:27

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